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Ariel came through clear and calming.

Her lime green echoed in the soft grass we stood on.I am here with another message for humanity.

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Behold the universe!

Each particle, each piece, every entity is in its designated place. All is in harmony. All is in light.

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We are all like the tiny droplets of water that make up this stream

We all flow inevitably into The Divine Creator or Father

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You will blossom and grow

Fear of failure will quickly pass

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Carolynn Milne

An etremely talented Australian medium and teacher.


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MichaelThose who live in love are blessed; blessed by their own love.

UrielUriel is about wisdom, and wisdom is about love.

RaphaelDo not let the fear of ridicule prevent you from passing on your wisdom

Lord Kuthumi Let go now of all the evil that you have been justifying in your hearts for thousands of years

MaitreyaThe greedy do not see the blessings they already have, and that shower down upon them daily